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Empowering Youth to Beat the Odds: A National Priority for South Africa

Imagine a South Africa where every at-risk underprivileged youngster has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

The Most Common Holiday Crimes

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and cheers; however there are a number of crimes that increase during the festive season.

The Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Physical abuse is the act of hurting someone physically. This could mean hitting, punching or kicking someone, or it could mean neglect and lack of care.

Comment of the week

Soraya Solomon

Nicro CEO


We've been speaking for too long, we've got to take action.

We need YOU!

"If you change nothing - Nothing will change"

We are calling on ALL South Africans to join us in BEING the change we want in our country. Find out how you can play a part in doing something about crime and its impact on our society. 

Non-profit organisations are everywhere. Almost any possible cause you can think of has a non-profit organisation to help raise money for its cause. You might be thinking to yourself: “I worked hard for my money, why should I give it to someone else?”

Well, even though on the surface this seems like something you should be concerned about, there are a few advantages of donating to a non-profit organisation.

  • Support Important Causes

Firstly, by giving to a non-profit organisation, you will be able to support a cause which you feel is important – and you don’t even have to get physically involved. For example: you might not be able to take time off to save marine animals in another part of the world, but you can help support someone else who is able to do so! Whatever the cause may be, by donating to a non-profit organisation, you are directly helping to heal the problem

  •  Feelings of Satisfaction

Another advantage of donating to a non-profit organisation is that it makes you feel really good inside! You will feel better about yourself after helping to support those in need, because you will know that you have done something that may save lives or help others who are less fortunate. You don’t have to have some major revelation to realise that helping others gives you a good feeling, whether you do it by donating your time or your money.

When you donate to a non-profit organisation you’ll feel like you are truly making a difference. Are you part of the giving trend? 


NICRO is committed to turning lives around - We encourage all South Africans not to stand back, but become involved either by donating a monthly amount, a once-off donation or look at the NICRO wish list for support in kind for around the country and see how you can assist.

Thank you to our donors