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The Most Common Holiday Crimes

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and cheers; however there are a number of crimes that increase during the festive season.

The Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Physical abuse is the act of hurting someone physically. This could mean hitting, punching or kicking someone, or it could mean neglect and lack of care.

Virtual Reality Simulation Shows the Dangers of Drunk Driving

Every year thousands of people die in drunken driving accidents, and thousands more are injured. This short VR video shows exactly what it looks like.

Soraya Solomon currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of NICRO (The National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders), one of the oldest, most respected civil society organisations in South Africa, a position she took up in 2000 after joining the organisation 29 years ago in 1986.

Soraya holds a Masters degree in Social Science (cum laude) from the University of Cape Town, and, in recent years has focussed on specialising in change management, leadership and organisational development. One of the many highlights of Soraya’s career was being awarded a fellowship by the Educational Opportunities Council to spend five months in the United States of America studying juvenile offenders. She has also had the opportunity of serving, for many years, as a consultant to organisations developing services in the field of criminal justice.

Soraya Solomon is generally regarded as a visionary leader. One of the achievements of which she is most proud is an organisational development initiative which she conceptualised and spearheaded to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and overall success of NICRO as a major, impactful player in combating crime, not only in South Africa but also within the international criminal justice arena. Under her guidance and leadership, NICRO has emerged as a new generation civil society organisation with a new legal identity which vigorously embraces constant improvement, continuously strives towards achieving excellence and has a deep-seated commitment to maximising organisational effectiveness and accomplishing long-term sustainability.

Soraya is currently in the process of breaking very exciting new ground in the civil society sector by developing truly innovative sustainability initiatives and is exploring a range of alternative, but viable, revenue streams to complement donor funds. In the most recent year she has focussed her attention on developing a strategy for and is in the process of pioneering the establishment and implementation of NICRO’s inaugural social enterprise. This initiative will empower the organisation to implement its social mission and achieve unprecedented social impact with its own resources.

Soraya is appealing to all South Africans not to stand back but become involved either by donating a monthly amount, a once-off donation or look at the NICRO wish list for support in kind for around the country and see how they can assist.