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Empowering Youth to Beat the Odds: A National Priority for South Africa

Imagine a South Africa where every at-risk underprivileged youngster has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

The Most Common Holiday Crimes

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and cheers; however there are a number of crimes that increase during the festive season.

The Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Physical abuse is the act of hurting someone physically. This could mean hitting, punching or kicking someone, or it could mean neglect and lack of care.

Comment of the week

Soraya Solomon

Nicro CEO


We've been speaking for too long, we've got to take action.

We need YOU!

"If you change nothing - Nothing will change"

We are calling on ALL South Africans to join us in BEING the change we want in our country. Find out how you can play a part in doing something about crime and its impact on our society. 

Recently released crime statistics again draw attention to the high levels of crime and violence in South Africa.

NICRO’s CEO, Soraya Solomon, reacting to reports that the majority of murders are committed by 15 to 34 year olds, reminded South Africa that several innovative solutions which can successfully change the face of crime are readily accessible. NICRO, in particular, has pioneered effective, impactful services for youth at risk and young people in conflict with the law.

“Rather than lamenting the high incidence and consequences of crime and spotlighting crime statistics and all that is negative, the time has come to take positive, proactive action. Our country and its people will only succeed in defeating crime if we channel our passion for and commitment to a crime-free South Africa by joining forces with all sectors of society to take goal-directed, steadfast and positive action. Only a united front and positive social activism will ensure that crime does not divide us or diminish the remarkable achievements of our people and our country”, Solomon says.

Solomon underscores some of the solutions NICRO has identified to saving South Africa’s youth and creating effective, successful future leaders. “Government must ensure that resources earmarked for youth development are managed efficiently and that these resources are channelled to civil society organisations implementing best practice interventions which create opportunities for youth overcome adversity and equip them to realise their full potential and excel,” she explains. Other essential actions should include:


  • Providing children and young people from dysfunctional families with therapeutic interventions to develop their coping mechanisms and create opportunities for healing and growth,

  • Scaling up the provision of recreational opportunities for youth from poor, dysfunctional communities.

  • Training and providing mentors for youth who lack positive role models to build self-esteem, positive values and assistance to manage the challenges the face effectively,

  • Making available educational opportunities to ensure that young people are able to achieve their full potential and excel in life, and

  • Providing sports, arts, crafts and other creative opportunities.

To view the crime statistics / articles which recently ran very prominent on, click on the links below:


We appeal to all South Africans not to stand back, but become involved by donating a monthly amount, a once-off donation or look at our NICRO wish list, for support in kind, for our offices around the country, and see how you can assist please.

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