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NICRO Responds to Crime Stats indicating South Africans are Under Siege

The recent release of the crime statistics report, which details crime levels in South Africa between April 1, 2016 and March 31 this year, has once again solicited mixed reactions from Government, political parties and civil society.

The Making of a Criminal: Part 2

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Confessions of a Shoplifter

I started shoplifting when I was six years old.

Some crimes are more common among women and others more so among men. Here's a breakdown...

Women are more likely than men to be in prison for fraud and robbery, while men are more apt to have committed violent crimes.

Almost one-third of all female prisoners are behind bars on property charges vs. 18 percent of male prisoners, according to statistics. Women are more likely than men to have been caught for larceny or theft, fraud and drug possession.

Men, meanwhile, were more likely to have been locked up for murder, rape or sexual assault. Almost 13 percent of men were jailed on murder charges and 13 percent for rape or sexual assault, while 11 percent of female inmates were there on murder charges and 2 percent for rape or sexual assault.

Women are also being imprisoned at a faster rate than men these days. The number of women prisoners sentenced to more than a year in prison grew by almost 3 percent in recent years.

Female vs. Male Prisoners

Inmates by type of offense & gender:

Women – 12%
Men – 14%

Women – 2%
Men – 4%

Rape / sexual assault
Women – 2%
Men – 13%

Women – 9%
Men – 15%

Aggravated or simple assault
Women – 9%
Men – 11%

Women – 8%
Men – 10%

Women – 9%
Men – 3%

Motor vehicle theft
Women – 1%
Men – 2%

Women – 9%
Men – 2%

Drug possession
Women – 8%
Men – 4%

Women – 1%
Men – 2%

Women Behind Bars

Female prisoners broken down by type of offense:

Murder – 11.1%
Aggravated or simple assault – 8.9%
Robbery – 8.7%
Other violent – 3.7%
Manslaughter – 2.5%
Rape / sexual assault – 2.3%
Larceny-theft – 9.1%
Fraud – 8.4%
Burglary – 6.9%
Other property – 3%
Motor vehicle theft – 0.8%
Other drug – 17.9%
Drug possession – 6.7%
Public order – 8.9%
Other – 1.2%

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