Press Releases

The Department says that remand detainees must wear prescribed uniform for security and management of these detainees. NICRO is of the opinion that the focus should not be on the prescribed uniform but on improving their overall management of remand detainees.

If you were ever under the illusion that prisons were safe places where miscreants were sent to cool down, pay their dues to society for their transgressions, and come back magically transformed to law abiding meek and submissive citizens, think again.

As the matriculation results have been distributed across the country and most learners have already learnt whether they have passed yet another tough time is ahead for those who have been unsuccessful.

Currently South Africa has over 150, 000 inmates, which represents the highest inmate population in Africa, costing tax payers billions of rand annually; Sadly prison systems across the world have proved that prison offers limited success.

One of South Africa’s longest serving non-profit organizations, the National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders (NICRO),  is being forced to cut essential services and staff as a result of  an unprecedented funding crisis.