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Media Release: 8 May 2015

There is no escaping the attention and energy focussed on all issues related to crime in South Africa at this time.

Xenophobia/Afrophobia is our worst nightmare – it signals a slide to complete lawlessness. Without ‘law and order’ South Africa will degenerate into anarchy. We have heard of threats from terrorist groups and African government threaten to close South African business, surely all this will not create Financial opportunities for local communities rather deteriorate our communities.

A recent Cape Times interview with Tracy Van der Westhuizen, an inmate serving time at Pollsmoor Prison for fraud, highlights the efforts by this female inmate to change her life around.

NICRO Chairperson, Judge Nathan Erasmus, has the following message to all South Africans: “At this time of year when we enjoy a break from work and getting together with family and friends, NICRO strongly supports responsible drinking. Don’t drink and drive. Be Safe. Be Responsible. Arrive Alive!”

NICRO PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release
Response to article “The courageous Pollsmoor redemption” Cape Times, February 23rd 2015